Amanda Foss ~ Original Art 
Unique and whimsical art, intertwining fantasy with the natural world.
Animals, Creatures &  Characters
Whether they are the hero of the story or the villain, fantasy characters have a way of capturing our hearts and fueling our imaginations. There is a kind of magic within the realm of the fantastic that draws us in and keeps us thinking, wondering… dreaming. These creatures and characters tend to come to me in my dreams... tugging and pulling at my subconscious. They have a life of their own… changing and evolving as I paint, until finally, I put down my brush and, at long last, the face I’ve been seeing in my mind is staring back at me… a page from some unwritten book… my dream made real.
  1. "Owl"
  2. "Doc"
  3. "Behind You"
    "Behind You"
  4. "Trick or Treat"
    "Trick or Treat"
  5. "The Shaman"
    "The Shaman"
  6. "The Gift"
    "The Gift"
  7. "She Watches"
    "She Watches"
  8. "Maggie"
  9. "She Listens"
    "She Listens"
  10. "She Holds The Sacred Key"
    "She Holds The Sacred Key"
  11. "She Speaks"
    "She Speaks"
  12. Souvenirs
  13. "Council at Midnight"
    "Council at Midnight"
  14. "Top Hat"
    "Top Hat"
  15. "Steampunk Voodoo"
    "Steampunk Voodoo"
  16. "Helianthus"
Goddess ~ Myth &  Legend
  1. "Hecate"
  2. "Tiamat"
  3. "Two Blue"
    "Two Blue"
  4. "Priestess Of Athena"
    "Priestess Of Athena"
  5. "Sylph Queen"
    "Sylph Queen"

Fantasy Landscape & Scenery
I’ve always had a strong relationship with nature, and I love how she can be at once both fierce and delicate. The petals of a rose, the twist of a tree or the vast and breathtaking view from atop the highest mountain… there is both dark and light in all her creations. I love the unpredictability of painting the natural world, but my mind always tends to look for the hidden magic within the living earth… the things that we don’t normally see at first glance. I like to pull the whimsical and sometimes dark and surreal side of nature to the foreground in my art…a little paint, a dash of fantasy and just the right amount of dark and twisted!
  1. "The Nest"
    "The Nest"
  2. "A Cold Day"
    "A Cold Day"
  3. "Just Beyond The Rise"
    "Just Beyond The Rise"
  4. "May Eve"
    "May Eve"
  5. "Mother Dragon"
    "Mother Dragon"
  6. "The Wishing Tree"
    "The Wishing Tree"
Small Works

My Small Works original paintings come in either 3" x 3", 6" x 6" or 8" x 8"size. They are all gallery wrapped and ready to hang. 
  1. Small Works
    Small Works
  2. Small Works
    Small Works